…And a Vet in the Game

…and on July 8, I became one year older!

I am very thankful to have celebrated my 22nd birthday a couple of days ago. This post won’t be very long at all, but I just thought I’d share with you guys some of what I had happening on this day.

Makeup & Outfit


I decided to keep both my makeup and outfit very very simple this year. I didn’t have any big plans or special occasions, so I just spent the day dressed comfortably and casually.

Makeup details:


  • e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil – Deep Brown
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Chocolate
  • e.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal – Cool Tan


  • LA Girl Pro Conceal – Fawn (as base)
  • Cover FX Blotting Powder – Medium (to set)
  • Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette (for lids and under eye)
  • LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Palette – Smoky (in tear duct)
  • LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • KISS Lashes – #11
  • DUO Lash Glue Adhesive
  • DIOR Diorshow Mascara – Black


  • Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment
  • RCMA No Color Powder
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation  – Warm Walnut
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – Medium
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal – Espresso
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder – Banana
  • Ofra Dupethat Highlighter – You Glow Girl
  • e.l.f. Blush Palette – Dark
  • Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist


  • Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick – Kapow


Outfit details:

I opted for a simple grey T-shirt dress and sneakers. I also wore this cute choker necklace; it’s actually a mood choker (similar to a mood ring), so it changed colors throughout the day.

Dress: Old Navy

Shoes: Adidas Originals ‘Superstar’

Choker: Rue 21



What’s a good birthday without good food? I decided to try places that I had never been before, one for lunch and one for dinner. Here’s wear I decided to go:

For lunch: Twisted Burrito


Twisted Burrito is a restaurant and bar located in the Shoppes at Camelot shopping center in Evans, Georgia across from the Walmart Supercenter on Washington Road.

I had heard good things about this place, so I decided to go and, in retrospect, was glad I did.

For its namesake, I got a burrito with their signature sweet Georgia fries.

As you can see in the bottom picture, I got the Pancho Villa burrito with chicken minus the spicy green chili aioli sauce (seeing as I’m not a fan of mayonnaise or mayonnaise-based sauces), but with queso instead.

Might I say, it was one of the best burritos I had ever had! And the fries were no exception. They come crispy with a slight sugary sweetness to them. Other than Wing Stop, I’m not sure of any other places that sell sweet fries that aren’t sweet potato fries, but these were waaay better.

I only finished half of the burrito and the fries before I felt really full, so they give you a lot for only $10.

The waitress was incredibly sweet and the store manager was kind enough to check on all of the customers in the restaurant. The atmosphere is eclectic, yet comfortable and it’s family-friendly. If you’re ever in the area, I’d really suggest you give this place a try.

(Click here to like their Facebook page and to get updated on all things Twisted Burrito.)


Mid-day dessert: Smallcakes 


This is the second year that I have gone to Smallcakes on my birthday, but I frequent there about every few months. I absolutely love their cupcakes! They’re always moist and their customer service is wonderful.

They are located on Washington Road adjacent to Shoppes at Camelot.

Everyday, they have one or two ‘Cupcake(s) of the Day’, so I chose one of those instead of opting for the predictable birthday cake cupcake. As pictured, I got the Strawberries & Cream cupcake…

Strawberries & Cream cupcake from Smallcakes

…and they didn’t disappoint! It was delicious!

Almost more wonderful than their cupcakes is their rewards program. If you go so many times, then you get free cupcakes! It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re looking for something sweet to eat, stop by Smallcakes. They also serve cookies and brownies as well. They have tons of options for you to choose from (including gluten-free options) so everyone can find something they like. They are even recognized by Food Network as being award-winning, so you know their desserts are the bomb! I will leave their information below so you can check them out for yourself.

(Click here to like their Facebook page and to get updated on all things Smallcakes.)


For dinner: 1102 Downtown Bar & Grill

When I was in school, I’d frequent downtown almost everyday, but never as far as Broad Street, which literally is just over the bridge. Because I live so far from downtown, I don’t go much anymore. I always said that I’d try new restaurants there, so what better time to do it than now?

Walking down Broad, I decided to stop by 1102 Downtown Bar & Grill for no other reason than it being not as crowded as the others.

I had eaten not too long ago, so I didn’t get anything but some hot wings and drinks.


Excuse the Snapchat photo, but this is the only picture that I took (and yes, I did change clothes). This one particular drink is called ‘Scooby Doo’. I forgot what was in it…I think Malibu and some other things. It was a bit too fruity for my taste, but I enjoyed it all the same.


As I have gotten another year older, I have begun to realize a few things about my birthday:

  1. I’m not the type of person to stress over planning anything extravagant. I tell myself time and time again and I want to have some sort of party or get together with a bunch of friends, but it never comes to fruition. I find that it takes a lot of effort to plan a party and I’m just too lazy to do it. Sure, it’s great to have tons of friends celebrate with you, but it’s not imperative to me that I plan something huge. Having a friend or two to grab drinks or dinner with will suffice.
  2. I’ve stopped to appreciate the little things. For a few years now, birthdays have never been about the gifts. If I wanted to buy something material, I could buy it myself. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself or getting treated by others, I’m just saying that I don’t wake up expecting to be showered. I’d much rather enjoy the day knowing that I’m appreciated by my friends and family. I appreciate the small group of friends that I do have. I appreciate my family for always being there I appreciate the gifts of beauty, intelligence, and discernment that have been bestowed upon me. And I appreciate the existence of coffee and honey mustard.  These are enormously beautiful gifts.
  3. What ever happened to sober fun? I find that so many people only have a good time when they’re drunk. That’s never been my style. I’m not knocking anyone for drinking or getting drunk, because if that’s what you like to do, then by all means, do it. But, as I get older, I just find that sort of lifestyle to be tiring. I don’t say that to be boring, but there’s just more to life than getting drunk just to have fun in my opinion. I’d imagine that gets exhausting (and expensive).
  4. I grow more thankful for good health. There are so many people who could have made it to see their next birthday but didn’t. Never take for granted that you’re alive and breathing. It’s something to appreciate everyday. Being a nurse, I’ve taken care of sickly patients and am so incredibly gracious that it is not I with issues of health. It’s really something to be thankful for.
  5. Good people are hard to find. It goes without saying that people come and go. It’s a fact of life and something that I’ve known for a very long time. It’s funny how we seem to keep certain people around us even though they breed negativity…at least that’s how I used to be for a while. I thought that making people happy would make me happy. To a certain extent, it does. But when your happiness starts to dwindle at the expense of others, then it’s time to make a change. No longer do I keep around those individuals who are not in my life to be a positive influence. As you get older, you realize that it’s more about the quality of people than the quantity of people.
  6. Alone time is important. I constantly take time to reflect on the different aspects of my life. Reflection allows me to pay attention to my emotions and thoughts, what prompts them, and how to deal with negative ones. A part of being mature is knowing how to react to certain situations in your life and being brave enough to handle them appropriately. Granted, this year has been great so me thus far. I’ve graduated college/finished nursing school, passed my Boards and became a registered nurse, am employed as a registered nurse, and have achieved countless other things in just these few months. However, there are things in my life that have not yet come to pass that I am continuing to work on. I’ve found this saying to always be true: “Sometimes you’ll find what you’re looking for when you stop looking for it”. I am not in a rush to make everything happen for me all at once. What is supposed to happen will happen in due time.


That’s all that I have for you guys today! Thank you for stopping by!

Upcoming post topics:

  • Social and political injustices


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