A Little Biker With That Babe

On Tuesday evening, I had a pizza date at Pizza Joint with a new nurse friend (s/o to Breya), and so I threw on something super casual for the occasion: a soft knit heather gray T-shirt with a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a red leather jacket, and a pair of white Keds (not pictured).


D E T A I L S:

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Alloy Apparel & Accessories

Jacket: ASOS


Alloy Apparel & Accessories

I’m not sure if any of my follows are familiar with Alloy Apparel & Accessories, but it’s an online clothing store that caters primarily to women of whom are tall and/or plus-sized. According to their website:

“Alloy Apparel is a direct-to-consumer women’s lifestyle brand best known for a breadth of sizes and fits. Addressing the needs of the underdeveloped plus and tall markets, we offer sizes up to 25/XXXL, inseams up to 39”, and dress lengths up to 63” in a vast array of contemporary styles. Additionally, our brand stakes a long-standing claim in the affordable jean market with a Denim Shop that features six fits and a myriad of washes and styles within each subcategory.”

Sometimes, I find it difficult to find jeans that are long enough for my legs (I’m 5’7.5″, so a little taller than average). On occasion, I’ll order a pair of pants or two from this website. Most of their pants run from approximately $30 to $40 per pair. The great thing about Alloy Apparel is that you get to choose your in-seam in addition to your pant size; that’s an especially helpful option for those of whom are very tall or have long legs.

In addition to pants and jeans, they also sell shirts and blouses, dresses, swimwear, shoes, and most other items that typical online clothing stores advertise. If you’re someone of a taller height or are plus-sized and are looking around for some clothes that might fit you more appropriately, I suggest you give Alloy Apparel & Accessories a look-over!

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