Girl Boss: How to Look Professionally Chic

Here’s another outfit of the day! During Nurses Week, I was invited to speak at Augusta University College of Nursing’s Pinning Ceremony for the graduating class of 2017. I opted for something chic, but professional for the occasion.

Jumpsuit | Edge (in Augusta Mall) | Similar jumpsuit

Perhaps my favorite part of this jumpsuit is its wide leg feature. Being 5’7.5″, it can be very difficult for me to find wide leg jumpsuits and pants that are long enough (I prefer an in-seam of about 35″ to 37″). This was an absolute PERFECT match!

For my shoes, I chose a nude pair of single sole strap sandals, which feature a nude-to-clear gradient heel.

Shoes | MakeMeChic | Similar shoe

Here are just a few tips on how YOU can look professionally chic:

  1. Add a pop of color into your outfit. Try pairing your lip color with the color of you flats or heels.
  2. Pinstripes are a professional print and can also lengthen your frame.
  3. Adding an impressive bag and quickly upgrade your outfit.
  4. A blazer adds instant glam and professionalism to any outfit.
  5. Pearls are often understated and elegant, but makes everything look good and pulled together. They also go with every single outfit imaginable.
  6. Black always looks simple and professional — dresses, tops, pants. It is versatile and corporate and you can always jazz it up with a colorful bag, bright belt and pair of flats or necklace.

Stay tuned for more outfit posts to come!

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